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Guangzhou Yao Jing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,China Everlight distributors,the main sales of optoelectronic components,including SMD LED,LED Lamp,Lighting LED,UV LED,COB LED,Flash LED,Automotive LED,Digital Displays LED,ir Emitter,Infrared Receiver Tube,Infrared Receiver Module,Optic Fiber Device-Photo Link,Optical Switch,Ambient Light Sensor,Proximity Sensor,Color Sensor,Photo Coupler,IGBT,SSR products are widely used in various fields of application: automotive instrumentation,medical equipment,Electronic toys,energy-efficient lighting,computer peripherals,home appliances,communications equipment! Companies serving the enterprise,providing engineering and technical support, effective customer service;lighting products,computer peripherals,automotive instrumentation,robotics and other fields for larger-scale customer service.

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